Pokemon: Obsidian Version

Session 2

We are Obsidian's Reckoning

Flygon and the cloaked figure

Upon leaving the hotel, Rayne, Skye, Lenore, and Xavier went to market to sell fish. After a fairly good take and meeting with a particularly odd gentleman, Giles—they were accosted by two police officers and that dickbag Silph employee with the Mightyena from the day before, accusing his sister of being a psychic.

They got cornered in an alleyway by more police officers and the Silph dick. Despite being severely out-matched, they tried to put up a fight. When things started to become dire, a cloaked figures showed up with some god-tier pokemon that destroyed the assailants. In the aftermath of the battle, the party realized that Skye had been abducted during the battle by a teleporting psychic Pokemon. It turned out this individual that saved them was a part of a known terrorist organization. Having been identified by the police, the team had no choice but to go with the mysterious figure.

Further inquiry revealed that the cloaked individual was the leader of some kind of elaborate underground organization that has a network underground tunnels under the city, one tunnel even leading right into Silph Co warehouse. The leader sent someone to brief the party on the situation. They said that the government is for some reason collecting psychics and that Rayne’s sister will likely be held in an underground facility that they have yet to locate. They were then charged with escaping the city and retrieving an engineer working with the group. He supposedly has a Dugtrio that can sense underground tunnels who is hanging out near Vermillion City. They need to escape from the city though which is difficult since we’ve been seen with known terrorist. Agreeing to help them out led to some loot, 2 pokeballs each and 2 potions.

The party resolved to jump into the irrigation channel and cut the grate barring the exit with a blowtorch. Rayne managed to catch a Krabby in the process and while the team was gathering their possessions. As the party gathered their possessions and prepared to exit the city, Xavier was able to catch a Meowth. Shortly after, the team departed Obsidian City through the grate.

A square was cut out of the grate with a 45 degree angle from the top on the inside to the bottom on the outside so that the current will keep it in place.

Loot: 2 Pokeballs each, 2 Potions each, 3 Full Heals, 3 Police Uniforms
Experience Per Character: 625 XP—



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