Pokemon: Obsidian Version

Session 1

Trouble in Obsidian City

Blastoise riot police

Rayne and Skye, sisters from a small fishing villiage beyond the Great Wall of Obsidian City, were travelling along a main road towards the center of Obsidian City with their family Pokemon, a Phanpy named Flumpy and a Staryu named Astrum. They were heading into town to sell their cart of fish at the market.

Just as they were settling on stopping to find a hotel for the night, they came upon an angry mob growing right in the middle of the street and were forced to stop and pull their cart to the side. Beyond the mob was a police riot line and two Blastoise.

Across the street, a young 13 year old orphan boy named Xavier and his Slowpoke, Pink, watched the growing crowd carefully and decided to avoid it. But upon trying to duck back into the alley, he was confronted by a huge man that he had pickpocketed the day before, who started to fight with him and Pink(Slowpoke).
As they fought their way back into the main street, the Blastoise used Hydro Pump on the crowd, barely missing the boy and knocking the man down the street.

As Xavier struggled to avoid getting out of the frantic crowd, a 17 year old girl named Lenore sprang to his aid and pulled him into the alley before he could be trampled to death.

As the riot police and Blastoice pushed the panicked mob down the street, hired thugs swept the street behind them, harrassing anyone who was left behind. Two young thugs harrassed Rayne and Skye, one of them recognizing Skye and demanding that she come with them for questioning. Rayne snapped back at one of the thugs in defense of her sister and a fight broke out with the two thugs and their Growlithe and Mightyena. During the altercation, Skye had released Flumpy (Phanpy) from the cart that he was trapped to and it fled down the street to avoid the Blastoise. Skye ran after him.

In the end,Astrum(Staryu) made short work of the two thugs, knocking one out cold while the other escaped. Rayne returned the unconscious thug’s Growlithe to its Pokeball and hid his body in an alley, throwing his Pokeball into a different alley where she suspected he would never find it. Then, she payed Xavier to watch her cart while she looked for her sister and Phanpy.

Upon finding Phanpy, an adorable struggle ensued to get Phanpy to get out of the dry dumpster that he had burrowed in and back onto the soaked street, which involved some coaxing from Astrum(Staryu). Upon return, Rayne and Skye invited Xavier to stay with them in their hotel room while Lenore checked in to the room next door.

The party spent the night getting acquainted with each other. Xavier developed a crush on Skye, Rayne met Heidi (Lenore’s Happiny), and Rayne took a liking to Xavier after his Pink’s yawn put her annoying sister to sleep.

In the morning, Lenore agreed to follow the party and offer her medical services while Phanpy violently resisted a bath much needed after hiding in a dumpster.



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