Rayne is an ambitious trainer who was raised in Vermilion City… or at least what’s left of it. The small fishing village doesn’t appear to have grown the way many of the other areas did. The closing of Vermilion Gym and the old ports severely stunted its economic growth. She has a headstrong personality and sees the world in a different light- something about the state of the world just seems off.

She grew up in a rather harsh lifestyle, spending much of the days working the fishing nets. During all her days at sea, she’s grown accustomed to wild pokemon. Despite the apparent propaganda of Silph Co., pokemon seemed to generally be pretty nice—besides, she couldn’t fault them for stealing some food here and there when so much of their home has been destroyed. She never really seemed to get along with her family, who tended to just work around like good little automatons, she wanted more.

She was overjoyed when she discovered that a Staryu whom she’d spent a great deal of time with began to follow her home. Her parents were terrified of the thing, but she found it to be an excellent companion that chased off more than a few bad situations. All in all, they make a great team. She never really understood why her parents were fine with a phanpy running around the house making a ruckus while Staryu was so well-mannered, but she didn’t really push the issue… Rayne’s idiot sister, Aurora, seemed to like it and if that kept her busy well, whatever.

Given her life with the sea, it’s no wonder that Rayne has developed such a keen connection with water pokemon. Even notable trainers who have passed through Vermilion have commented on how well she handles every sort of water type.


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